Nuclear Power, Nuclear Technology Application

Technical services for the operation of nuclear power plants

中核檢修有限公司 (transliterated China Nuclear Industry Maintenance Company Limited*) is an associate of the Company in the nuclear power industry. CNI23 Maintenance is the first company in Mainland China specialized in undertaking the routine maintenance and outage for equipment of nuclear power plants as its main business. CNI23 Maintenance has obtained the “First-Class Nuclear Engineering Contracting Qualification”, the “First-Class Electrical Equipment Installation Contracting Qualification”, and has passed the ISO9001-2000 Quality System Certification. The company has comprehensive service capabilities in such areas as installation, commissioning, inspection, maintenance, and decommissioning of nuclear power facilities, as well as nuclear waste disposal, nuclear engineering inspection and maintenance, and nuclear emergency services. With a dominant position in the nuclear power maintenance market, the company has undertaken the routine maintenance and outage of all nuclear power plants in Mainland China.

The Company will leverage on the accumulated advantage of its controlling shareholder in the industry to seek further investment opportunities in the field of nuclear power generation and nuclear technology.